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Protect Your Loved Ones When You Are Not There!

Do you - or a family member - live alone? Do you worry about their safety or health concerns? Do you care for, or share, concerns for a person who has medical conditions or health problems?

If so, then we can help.

We know you love our family and friends and you only want the best for them. Unfortunately, you can not always be there 24 hours a day to provide hands-on care and assistance. You want to insure their safety and security - especially in an emergency. No one wants to feel responsible for a medical emergency that could have been easily avoided.

"Amazing New Technology Allows Anyone To Call Family & Friends For Emergency Assistance With NO Expensive Monthly Monitoring Fees!"

Finally an affordable telephone emergency medical alarm & panic button device that can save the life of a loved one. No long contracts, no cheap equipment, and just only .50 cents a day monitoring service. This easy-to-install solution allows any family to insure the safety of a family member while providing you peace of mind knowing that they are protected 24 hours a day.

This complete, self-contained emergency telephone alarm system device is amazingly easy to set-up and use. Simply connect it to your existing telephone line much like an answering machine. In the event the "Emergency" button is pressed on the console - or the button on the pendant is pressed - it will immediately dial up to 5 telephone numbers of your choice.

When each called number is answered, it will play a message that you have pre-recorded. It will even call "911" and play an emergency message...even if you are away from the telephone!

YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY! The Medical Emergency Telephone Alarm System is a breakthrough emergency alert device that comes complete with a remote wireless pendant. It gets help for you and your loved ones with just the press of a button -- at an unbeatable low price…WITH NO EXPENSIVE MONTHLY MONITORING FEES!

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The Facts Are Truly Sobering...

1 out of 3 Americans over the age of 65 falls each year.
7,261 seniors between the ages of 55-64 were hospitalized in 2000 from falls.
12,663 seniors between the ages of 65-74 were hospitalized from falls in 2000.
26,074 seniors between the ages of 75-84 were hospitalized from fall in 2000.
22,559 seniors over the age of 85 ware hospitalized in 2000 from falls.
369 seniors died from fall in 2000.
The average cost of nursing home care is $74,000/year.
47 million Americans face the role of being a caregiver.

Who Can Benefit From An Emergency Medical Alarm System

Seniors living alone.
Persons with known medical conditions.
Family members with a history of falling.
Patients recovering at home.

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With the Emergency Medical Alarm System you will:

Have immediate access to emergency medical care.
Enjoy the confidence and security of knowing you are protected.
Remain active and independent.
Reduce the anxiety of living alone.
Be assured of prompt notification of friends and family if an emergency should occur.

And you will enjoy these benefits:

Safety in your home — you are protected from the serious effects of accidents, poor health or panic. And you'll have a personal connection to people who care, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Independence — you will continue to experience the quiet enjoyment of your home, while your loved ones will feel the comfort of knowing that you are safer.
Security — feel secure knowing that you're receiving the best service available from a company you can trust.
Peace of Mind — rest easy knowing that help is only the press of a button away.
Easy to use — just press the button and help is on the way.
Affordable — NO expensive monthly monitoring fees or long-term contracts!

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How To Convince A Family Member...

A Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System is designed to allow your loved ones to continue to live independently at home.

Many people who can benefit from an Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System mistakenly believe they are giving up something... admitting they are getting old. The fact is, an Emergency Medical Alarm System gives them independence and allows them to continue living alone.

To help convince a loved one to accept the protection offered by a Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System Emergency Medical Alert System, you may have to take both an emotional and a logical approach.


"I worry about you. Sometimes I lose sleep. You know that I call as often as I can. Let's get the Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System for me. It will help me to sleep better and it will give me peace of mind, knowing that you can get help with the push of a button."

"Thousands of people who live alone have serious accidents every year. Some minor accidents become serious if you don't get help in a hurry. The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System can avoid delays in getting the help you need in a hurry. I don't want you to end up as another statistic."


"1 out of 3 elders will fall at home. Serious medical complications of falling are usually due to long delays in receiving help."

"You want to continue living alone. The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System gives you the independence to continue living alone, while giving you access to the outside world in the event of an emergency — 24 hours a day, every day of the year, even if you can't get to a phone."

"I know the last thing you want to do is to go to a home for seniors. The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System can postpone that day for years, maybe even forever."

"The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System is like insurance, you may not use it today, but if you need it, you'll be glad you have it!"

Help Is On The Way With A Press Of A Button!

Here is how it works:

1) Simply press the small, lightweight pendant button or "Emergency" button on the console

2) Which activates the small in-home telephone auto-dial communicator

3) Calling up to five family and friends and playing a pre-recorded message - even "911" if desired

Quick And Easy Set-up Has You Up And Running In Minutes!

Your Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System is READY TO USE.

To use… simply connect the unit to your telephone…connect AC adapter…move power switch to ON…and your unit is ready to help you!

Simply enter up to 5 telephone numbers that you wish to call in an emergency using the easy to read instructions.

You will be able to record up to 3 different emergency information messages and one pre-recorded instruction message (optional). The instruction message will be the same for all 3 emergencies programmed. The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System is now ready to assist you or your loved ones with the push of a button!

A sample message is: "Help! This is a medical emergency! My name is Ledia okeke. I live at 123 Believe Lane. I have severe asthma (heart condition, diabetes, etc.). Please come at once!"

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So Simple To Operate, Anyone Can Use It!

The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System is designed to help protect you in case of emergency and eliminates the unnecessary central station. It directly contacts the people you want in an emergency…saving you up to thousands of dollars of monthly monitoring fees.

The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System is a product that automatically contacts 911 (optional) and up to 5 additional phone numbers of your choice for each of 3 emergencies from any touch-tone service telephone. One simple press of a button on unit can tell them where you are plus! When an appropriate emergency is activated and the called party’s telephone answers, the emergency information message and instructions will be transmitted.

The called party, when receiving the emergency, will have the following options available to them. They can activate the controlled speakerphone - which allows them to listen to area where Emergency Medical Alert System is located, listen to emergency message again, acknowledge they are responding, or all the above.

Automatic "911" Alert Notifies Authorities Immediately

The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System gives you the ability to insert automatic “911” into the dialing sequence.

Moving the “911” switch to the ON position will automatically dial “911” first for all emergency types.

Wireless "Call-For-Help" Pendant Works Anywhere In The Home

The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System comes with a wireless “HELP PENDANT”, that can be worn around the neck. This Help Pendant can typically activate the Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System from up to 100 feet, dependent upon environmental conditions, by pressing larger button on the pendant. (You can maximize the range by turning the antenna to a vertical position).

Pressing this larger button (for 1 second and releasing), functions the same as pressing the "Medical Emergency" button on the base unit. The Help Pendant activates the Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System from anywhere in the house. The Help Pendant also has a small button which is used to stop (cancel) any transmission over the telephone line (the same as pressing the STOP on the unit).

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Emergency Dialing Audible Alert Confirms Messages Are Being Sent

This feature allows user to know when the system is in operation and what it is doing. If an "Emergency" button on unit or the large button on the wireless help pendant are pressed for one second, 3 BEEPS will be heard, notifying you that an "Emergency" button has been pressed and system is activated.

It will then dial out “Automatic 911” (user selectable) one time and emergency telephone numbers you programmed. You will hear 3 BEEPS before each telephone number is dialed. If called telephone number is busy, or if called party’s telephone rings 5 times and is not picked up, the Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System goes to the next telephone number.

The calls placed will be in the sequence you selected. Each time the called party’s telephone rings, the beginning of the emergency information message is heard. After the telephone call is answered, the full emergency information message, instructional announcement followed by a BEEP TONE are sent. Your Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System will continue dialing all entered telephone numbers for approximately 15 minutes if a called party did not respond with an “8” from their touch-tone service telephone.

The unit will dial all telephone numbers one time even if time exceeds 15 minutes. At any time, the caller can stop further outgoing calls by pressing the STOP button on the unit or the small button on the remote wireless pendant.

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"Listen-In" Speakerphone Allows Called Parties To Speak To The Caller

The speakerphone is an additional feature that is operated by the called party when the caller is in the vicinity of the base unit. This feature allows the called party to VERBALLY communicate to the caller that help is on the way. This feature will activate after beep tone is heard at the end of the party’s instructional announcement. It should be noted that this feature is already accomplished nonverbally by pressing “8” after the beep tone is heard.

However, it is often comforting to both caller and called party to have some verbal communication with each other. Each time the called party presses “2” on their touch-tone telephone, the called party has up to 30 seconds to speak to the caller to reassure him/her that help is on it’s way or inquire about how the caller is doing. Importantly, the called party will be able to hear a response from the caller by pressing “1”.

Room Monitor Enables Called Party To Hear Activity

The Room Monitor is another feature that is operated by the called party, which enables them to listen if the caller is in the vicinity of the base unit. This feature will activate after the beep tone is heard after caller’s instructional announcement. Each time the called party presses “1” (on their touch-tone telephone), the called party can listen in on the caller for up to 30 seconds. They can increase the listening time by 30 more seconds by re-pressing “1” on their touch-tone telephone.

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Built-In Speakerphone Allows You To Speak With The Caller

After receiving the call and listening in, you can press "2" to speak to the caller. Simply press "1" to listen in again. Similar to walkie-talkies where you press to talk and release to listen. You can carry on a complete conversation with the caller and determine what is the best course of action.

Back-up Battery System Provides Power Failure Protection

There are 2 lights on the Model 700. With a 9 volt alkaline battery inserted, the Battery (BATT LO) green light should not be lit, indicating that the Model 700 is prepared to function during a power failure.

Not Just For Seniors - Protect Your Whole Family!

The Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System can help protect all of your loved ones when your not home - but can be reached on your cell phone or at a specific location. Anyone in your family can quickly and easily call for help: babysitters, children home alone, latchkey children, single females, neighbors, patients, and many more.

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Size:  6" D x 4" W x 2" H
Effective Range: up to 100'
Programmable Telephone Numbers: 5
Programmable Voice Messages: 3
Back-up Power:
One 9 volt alkaline battery (sold separately)
Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor

Accessories Included

Your Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm System includes:

1 Wireless Base Console Unit
1 Wireless Call-For-Help Pendant (Optional Waterproof Pendant Available Below)
1 110 VAC Adaptor
1 Extra 6' Telephone Cord
1 Easy Set-up and Operating Instructions
30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!
1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Order Now!!!

Protecting your loved ones has never been easier - or more affordable. Don't pay hundreds of dollars in monthly monitoring fees every year!

Give yourself the peace of mind that your loved ones are protected from accident or injury 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Makes a great gift for family and friends!
Availability: Usually ships in 3-5 business days.

Telephone Emergency Medical Alarm & Panic Button System
TE-700BCompare At: $349.95Our Price: $299.00

Waterproof Pendant UpgradeNew! Upgrade to a new optional waterproof pendant when you purchase your Telephone Emergency Medical Alert System. Clear sealed vinyl housing helps protect pendant, helps prevent accidental button push and allows pendant top be worn in the bath or shower. PLEASE NOTE: Replaces the standard, non-waterproof pendant and must be ordered at the time you order a new Telephone Emergency Medical Alert System above.

Waterproof Pendant Upgrade
uptowapeCompare At: $119.95Our Price: $45.00

Extra Wireless Waterproof Call-For-Help PendantsGet One For Each Family Member!

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

Extra Wireless Waterproof Call-For-Help Pendants
exwircalpenCompare At: $119.95Our Price: $89.95

Optional Elastic Wrist Band For Standard Pendant Comfortable elastic wristband with velcro closure. Not available for use with Optional Waterproof Pendant - available with Standard Pendant only.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-5 business days.

Optional Elastic Wrist Band For Standard Pendant
Model 700 WristBand$9.95

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