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The Medical Alarm That Dials for Emergency Help When You Can't!

Do you have elderly or disabled family members who may be unable to dial for help in the event of a fall or other emergency? The Panic Button & Medical Alarm Auto Dialer gives you and your loved ones peace of mind by automatically dialing up to 9 phone numbers you pre-select at the press of the "panic" button on its included wireless keychain transmitter.


The Emergency Medical Alarm Auto Dialer dials each phone number you've programmed into it, up to 9 times each, and plays a 40-second message you pre-record from 1 to 9 times before going on to the next number in the list. In addition, the emergency auto dialer features 2-way communication capability via the unit's speaker phone, allowing the person in trouble to carry on a conversation with the person on the other end of the line. The wireless keychain transmitter offers 3 buttons in addition to the panic button to program with direct speed-dial numbers (in addition to the 9 numbers you program into the unit; convenient for frequently-called numbers). Or, use one of the 3 speed-dial buttons to answer a call remotely via speaker phone.

The Emergency Medical Alarm Auto Dialer can be controlled from either the wireless keychain remote or the keypad on the dialer itself. It is compatible with pagers, as well as regular phone lines and cellular phones. You can insert pauses into your dialing sequence to enable the dialer to pause for an answer before entering the numeric page.

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The Emergency Medical Alarm Auto Dialer should be installed near a phone or near any phone line close to an AC electrical outlet. Includes battery for keychain transmitter. Dialer takes 6 "AA" backup batteries (not included). 

The most advanced, easy to use, and fully supervised receiver
24/7/365 personal monitoring and monthly call reminders to inform you to test your equipment
Sends an emergency voice message to the authorities, relatives, and friends
Features 2-way communication capability
Dials up to 9 numbers you select and delivers your recorded message
Overrides occupied lines for emergency calls
Regular phone, cell phone, and pager compatibility
There are no hidden costs, no long term contracts, and no(optional )equipment purchse, you    can cancel at any    time, for any reason, upon 30 days written notice. Total cost can be    broken down into three categories: 1.) The    monitoring and leasing fees, 2.) Aone time start    up costs, and 3.) If prefered, a total equipment purchase, with no    monitoring fees ever!
The monthly monitoring and leasing fees is just $12.99 per month for the first three (3)    months, then, $21.99 per    month thereafter billed monthly. You can cancel at any time.


3 preset direct access phone numbers for    2 way    communication Automatically override the occupied line for    emergency call
9 preset phone numbers for auto-dialing    and    prerecorded message delivery Programmable pause time for pager    access
Dials each phone number up to 9 times Phone system selection (PABX or regular    phone    system)
Repeats emergency message to a    telephone number    up to 9 times Programmable entry/exit delay
Patented Rolling Code System provides    maximum security Universal Dial Tone adapts to voice    systems of all    phone companies
No monitoring fees Operated by AC adapter, 6 1.5V backup    batteries (not    included)
Activated by transmitter or keypad Low battery indication
Stores emergency voice message up to 40    seconds Time clock display
Tone/ Pulse dialing Back lit keypad
Transmitter operating range of up to 100 feet  

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Your Emergency Medical Alarm Telephone Auto-Dialer Kit includes:

1 Base Control Unit
1 Wireless Remote Control


This Emergency Medical Alarm Auto Dialer is perfect for elderly people who require some supervision but not full-time attention, Patients recovering at home after a hospital stay, Nursing home patients who are independent but still need some assistance and people with disabilities.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-5 business days.

Panic Button & Medical Alarm Auto Telephone Dialer
SL-MS2001Compare At: $349.95Our Price: $299.99Total purchase option
Or $12.99 per month then, $21.99 thereafter, per month lease with monthly monitoring

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