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Hello Senior, How Are You Today?

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In following our commitment to providing seniors and the elderly with programs that meet their needs, expectations and peace of mind, economy elderly care services offers "Hello Senior, how are you today?' program to reflect the dreams and aspirations of the seniors, the elderly and others. These individuals have sought for the choices to be able to remain in their homes and to manage their lives independently. Now, with "Hello Senior, How are you today" seniors, the elderly and others with medical conditions as well as those with physical challenges can live in their own homes comfortably and independently as possible.

Hello Senior, how are you today?" is a daily service call by our trained team of staffs to clients homes or residence that provides both the seniors and their families comfort and peace of mind knowing that someone is there to call and or to check on their loved ones and to monitor their daily needs and well-being. Depending on clients needs, the daily check-in calls can be scheduled for 2 or 3 times call per day at different times. When we call, we wiil say, "HELLO SENIOR, HOW ARE YOU TODAY?" and if the client answers , we'll chat for 2-3 minutes. And if not at home, we will call back at an interval of half an hour, and if still no answer, then, we will call other pre-listed contacts untill contact is made or issues resolved.
Cost is minimal at $1.25 per one (1) call x the number of calls required.